Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lakewood Cemetery Ghost Story, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is an awesome place for urban exploring. Its old enough to have some great history, and small enough that there isn't any real risk of getting too lost (not that getting lost has ever stopped me). Lakewood Cemetery is one of those places; great history and big but not too big.

I ventured into an older part of the cemetery this time. The tombstones aged by weather and covered in moss. While the caretakers of the cemetery go to great lengths to keep up with the lawn care, it doesn't keep some of the grave stones from being overtaken by grass and dirt. 

Older graves sometimes don't have names and the stones simply read "Mother" or "Daughter". Sitting myself down in the grass, I pay my respects to these families that time has forgotten. It is clear that visitors to this part of the cemetery are few and far between.

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, 2014

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, 2014

At one point I was positive I could hear the wailing of some ghost who was trapped in the cemetery for all eternity. There was a longing in that wailing, lugubrious and lonesome, hoping that some long lost loved one would return.

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, 2014

It wasn't until I was on my way out of the cemetery that I noticed the wedding taking place at the cemetery's chapel, complete with an opera singer. The woman's voice had echoed all over the cemetery that day, giving a voice to those long dead.

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