Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Antique Store and the Cemetery

On a day that felt more like summer than autumn, I decided to spend most of my day outside. Being the huge autumn fan that I am, I thought what better way to spend the day than in Lakewood Cemetery and the neighborhood antique store Hunt & Gather. 

While in Hunt & Gather, I came across many artifacts of human existence, including an old football, the original PBR beer can made of steel, and some pretty spectacularly creepy taxidermy.

Vintage Football
Vintage Football, 2014

Piano, Macro Photogrpahy, 2014

Taxidermy Rabbit
Taxidermy Rabbit, 2014

Lakewood Cemetery is one of my favorite Minneapolis locations. It is huge, and I explore a different section every time I go in. Today I explored the older part of the cemetery, where most of the tombstones and grave stones are from the 1800's. So much history!

Lakewood Cemetery, 2014

Lakewood Cemetery, 2014

Lakewood Cemetery Statue, 2014

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